Okay, okay, I realize we just had a very important event! I know there is as much wailing and gnashing of teeth, as there is joy and giving thanks.

That’s right eggnog is back on the shelves in the grocery store!

I do have an issue though. (Don’t I always?) I have loved a product called ‘Holly Nog’ for years. It came in a half gallon bottle just like milk and it was a lighter, and, (in my opinion), tastier version of traditional eggnog. Kemp’s is the manufacturer and I cannot find it at any of the places I shop for groceries here in Sioux Falls.

I had to walk out of my Hyvee yesterday with a quart of another brand’s light eggnog and although it tasted pretty good in my coffee this morning, it just isn’t the same. Perhaps adding a bit of spiced rum to it would make it more palatable as a nightcap, I don’t know.

Come on Holly Nog lovers, let’s get together and stage a “Million Nog March” on this city’s grocery providers until they come around!

Give me Holly Nog!  Or, give me. . . ?