It's over!  Steven Tyler is available, ladies!  Steven Tyler and his girlfriend of over 6 years, Erin Brady, have split.  They've been engaged for over a year.  There were reports last year that the couple were going through a tough time, but insisted they were still together.  Sources say Steven's daughters, Liv and Mia, have never like Erin and were furious they were not made aware that their father had proposed to Erin until after the news went public.  They should be happy now.

Why do I think this guy is so darn sexy?  If he were just some guy shopping at Target, would you think he's hot?  Probably not.  You may even mistake him for a drag queen.   But the guy is STEVEN TYLER!  There's just something about him that makes him sexy.  My friend, Christy agrees, so I know I'm not alone in my confession.

Now, Steven can concentrate on Aerosmith.  Sources have claimed that Erin had a divisive influence on the group, with her being described as a "kind of Yoko Ono character."

Call me, Steven.  I'm a good listener.