Who needs a handyman when you have a girlfriend or a wife!

Need a leaky sink fixed, how about someone to take care of a toilet that won't stop running? Don't fear, the woman of the house is here!

These days more and more women are actually doing the chores that were once considered to be mans work.

A new survey recently revealed that 60% of women now say they're more likely to take care of certain chores that only boyfriends or husbands used to handle.

It sounds like we might have a number of female Tim Allen's wandering around out there.

Many home improvement projects are now being handled by the woman of the house and get this, 50% of the ladies surveyed claim they're actually better at taking care of these types of projects than their man.

According to the survey, here are the top ten man-chores that women are now more likely to do themselves.

  • Changing light bulbs.
  • Replacing a blown fuse or resetting the fuse box.
  • Fixing a leak in the sink.
  • Fixing a toilet that won't stop running.
  • Replacing a broken doorknob.
  • Patching a hole in the wall.
  • Re-painting a room.
  • Replacing wallpaper.
  • Sealing windows in the winter.
  • Hanging pictures.

Wow! By the looks of it, apparently guys are only taking out the trash and killing spiders these days. I like it!

Source: Daily Mail