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Well did you get that sinking feeling in the "pit" of your stomach late yesterday afternoon, when reality hit and you realized that the holiday weekend was about to come to an end?

The average person begins to get bummed out about having to go to work around 4:00pm on the last day of a long holiday weekend according to a new survey from the Cambridge News.

Maybe you even went so far as to start thinking of some creative ways to get out of having to go to work today?

According to PR Newswire, here are the top 10 strangest excuses people have actually given to their employer to get out of work. It's unknown how many actually worked however. Some of these are way out there, check em' out:

  • My sister got kidnapped and I have to go find her.


  • I gave up my plane seat to an elderly person and I can't get home for a few days.


  • My dog didn't wake me up.


  • There's a snake on my porch and I can't leave the house.


  • I have to stay out sick because of a sympathetic pregnancy. (That's when a MAN experiences a few of his wife's pregnancy symptoms. Or when anyone close to someone who's pregnant has a few mild symptoms.)


  • My wife got a bad dye job and I have to stay home to provide moral support.
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  • My dog hid my car keys. (Well at least the dog didn't eat them!)


  • I have to stay home and prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
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  • Martians kidnapped my boyfriend and I have to rescue him.


  • I am having trouble with my prostate. (Seems like a legit excuse right?  Just one problem, the person who used the excuse was a WOMAN!)

Somehow I think the people trying to use these ridiculous excuses were probably given some more time off. Some permanent time off, I'm guessing.