Look out, there's another hot new diet about to sweep the U.S. and it's called "The Fast Diet."

Maybe you have already heard about it? You get to eat whatever you want for five days a week, then barely anything the other two days. We're talking like less than 600 calories during an entire day!

The diet comes from a book called "The Fast Diet." It was published in January in England and soon became a best seller across the pond. The U.S. version just went on sale.

The author of the book, Dr. Michael Mosely says the diet is healthy and it works. The reason why is because switching from heavy eating to fasting immediately takes your body into hardcore fat burning mode.

Mosley tested the diet on himself and allegedly lost 20 pounds in nine weeks. Plus his cholesterol and overall body fat level also went down.

Maybe it's just me, but the thought of hoovering down entire pizzas and tubs of ice cream, then backing away from the feed bag for a couple days doesn't sound like a good safe, or healthy way to shed a few pounds.

You should know the National Health System in Britain issued a warning saying, "there is a great deal of uncertainty about intermittent fasting with significant gaps in the evidence."